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Hai Zhina: The goosefoot home Zhu Wen that nowhere is absent is changed
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The chain of mountains that on any account rises and fall, lush and green vegetation, the scenery of area of the south in Hainan island always is that kind of relaxed and happy letting a person. And those dense in edge of wayside, village and hill Zhu Lin, total also can conspicuous, stop watch, their straightforward trunk, emerald green lamina, the shadow of dancing, itself is a beautiful picture. Their configuration, have the freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting that have a sharp sense of integrity more, the painter of ancient time of no wonder our country, should add up to bamboo, wintersweet, pine call " year old cold 3 friend " , brandish circulates with respect to painting calligraphy through the ages.

Bamboo, blend in Li Jia's life

Annual " in March 3 " , to Hainan island area of mid the Li nationality travels or the people of be a guest, can eat to become you to; of appetizing bamboo slip meal to be in a mountainous area and pedestrian or expeditionary, often also can see there is the brethren of the Li nationality of bamboo basket between the waist, there are chopper or hook to wait for labor tool; to enter village of the Li nationality commonly in bamboo basket, after the house before the room, basket of basket of the bamboo stool that place sees reach outside the home in the home, bamboo, bamboo and Zhu Wu, always letting a person feel bamboo is the indispensable one part in goosefoot home life and life simply.

In December 2007 the last ten-day of a month, hainan press was published " custom of clear acting the Li nationality pursues " , this book assemble since clear generation " anonymous person " of place scale " Hai Li of city fining jade pursues " , " general view of goosefoot fining jade pursues " and " custom of goosefoot fining jade pursues " wait for 3 49 color picture, since much angle represented clear generation, the Li nationality produces the true appearance of the life.

" custom of clear acting the Li nationality pursues " cover is a picture that provides life emotional appeal extremely: The somebody in house of form of boat of dry column type is in ground of happy and pleased with oneself prattle, somebody is moving toward the ground along low wooden ladder, house out still has 2 women to live in busy handiwork, the chickling that in what Chaimennei plays child child mixes a few 2 to forage, send more make whole picture clever rise...

Such picture has seen very hard today, nevertheless, front of house of form of the boat in the graph is clear but the bamboo with ancient bronze mirror, delicate do manual work organizes wall system, show the Li nationality fully to bamboo use long-standing.

The reporter is interviewed a few this years in Hainan minority area, often village of home of goosefoot of pass in and out, discover the manufacturing tool that makes with bamboo and everywhere of articles for daily use are visible, and the form is diversiform, craft has distinguishing feature each, some is careful, some is straightforward, feel the craft of Li Ren use local materials is having excellent with outstanding place.
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