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The character and morals of bamboo and spirit
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Bamboo of Chinese ink of traditional Chinese painting is traditional culture in, be spirit of the Chinese nation is indicative. Of all ages, a person of academic or artistic distinction that draw bamboo comes forth in large numbers, the Dai Wentong that be like the Song Dynasty, yuan acting Wu Zhen, Ming Daixia longs day, clear Dai Shitao, Zheng Banqiao, Wu Changshuo, notting have is not the great mind state that seeking bamboo. I love to draw bamboo, because admire,be bamboo is inherent character and morals. Shi Zanzhu writes to while Li Kuchan of our country famous artist is drawing bamboo: "There is a red-letter day when coming up out of land, reach very high place is still modest. " the character and morals of his admiration bamboo, the spirit of praise highly bamboo, advocate a person should have gas to have a red-letter day in that way like bamboo. Bamboo, guilty, section firm, evergreen, be proud cold... although it is coquettish in that way without willow, gorgeous in that way without one's pupils or disciples, but it is weather-beaten, establish boundless and indistinct open country over, plunge into extensive earth in, no matter be 100 blossomy,warm spring, still be autumn wind those who rustle is deep autumn, no matter be the intense heat of summer of burning sun sorching, still be snowflake waves falling cold winter, it always stands still loftily, dark green and evergreen, vibrant. This is the true portraiture of characteristic of our soldier profession. I learn China to draw Mo Zhu, only then the line that draws a Zhao Meng at reading yuan of allograph " if Shi Rufei Bai Mu reads aloud, write bamboo to still answer 8 laws are connected " ; The line of Zheng Banqiao of clear allograph painter " should know brushwork almanac way, fragrant throughwort as careless be subordinate to like that " the inspiration that get. Traditional Chinese painting tells painting and calligraphy to be the same as a source in, with book suitable for a painting, the book is picture bone, join Chinese ink 3 minutes, force shows paper back. Had calligraphy foundation to study a picture Mo Zhu is more direct, mastered more easily. My do one's best enters bamboo with courageous and resolute, keen, heroic spirit of the soldier, create the work of Chinese ink bamboo with powerful and strong, pretty bold, expressive soldier the sort of having a sharp sense of integrity, do not fold do not flinch, go all out in work tenaciously, the spirit of altruistic dedication. Learn the character and morals of bamboo and spirit, feelings of battle of express army brigade, already made my indefatigable effort.

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