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New residential quarter of wide heart zoology brings a guest to come
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Green hill is verdant be about to drip, light of lake water wave is crystalline, green banboos sets off one another falling is the farmhouse Xiaolou with one clean flickering, a capacious concrete route, the wooden fence with an orderly platoon... walk into village of Gan Xi of countryside of village of Lu of wide heart county, appear in you the picture scroll of zoology new residential quarter that before is a beauty.

Road of laid annulus village, build a Diaoyutai, do " farmhouse is happy " , fish here, admire bamboo, take work of farmhouse meal, dry farmhouse, let every come here what the oppidan of amuse oneself forgets city is blatant, all enjoy the fun of landscape. Gan Xi this in former days devious hill village, make meticulously through what new rural area builds, became the tourist attraction of a high-quality goods that rustic zoology travels. Only the pleasant brook village of many 100 other people, welcomed a visitor last year nearly 5000 person-time.

"Produce advantage of hill, water, bamboo, each dots science plans, make the travel tourist attraction of different type and characteristic industry village, with butt joint of posture of zoology travel industry. " Zhang Bangbin of secretary of Party committee of Lu village countryside says. Regard site of construction of new rural area as travel tourist attraction will build, this is base oneself upon of Lu village countryside the science that makes actually is decision-making.

The beauty spot of national irrigation works with delightful scenery -- Lu Hu is located in churchyard of countryside of village of Lu of wide heart county, source of rich zoology brigade idle fund makes come here to travel all the year round the tourist in an endless stream of sightseeing, county of wide 2007 heart is to be judged to be more " Chinese optimal travel is recreational large county " .

Scientific decision-making the self-identity that gets building nodding masses, ability produces powerful creativity, new rural area built bit of board to become the main bridge that communicates with masses. The Party member that builds a dot to single out the village in succession each or the old-timer that have mana will hold the position of director chairman, director chairman and town village cadre cooperate closely, one is communicated, one arouses. Move in strip of each director job below, the enthusiasm that masses shares new rural area to build is all-time and rising, a lot of villagers put down a day of 559 yuan job to come home do new rural area to build, bright scene job does not take off villager king to help personally with respect to the wife's father that asks his temporarily. Very short time, of the village discard miscellaneous room disappears, rubbish was handled centrally, sewage channel is expedite, the village abandons appearance to look brand-new. Every family is direct concrete route, use tap water, use sanitation lavatory, living conditions change quickly. Look at go former days the hill road of home village or town turned capacious cement into the road now, the villager people each gives out deep feeling: "Hill route takes previously 9 hours ability arrives in the town, now by motorcycle a few minutes arrived, shop handle affairs much more convenient. " the road was connected, the tourist outside comes in quick also, each halcyon little village opens wide Lu village countryside from now on gate happy event greets all directions tourist.
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