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Green banboos of 360 thousand individual plant nods Bei of north of green new ci
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Dispatch of China dragon net (Xu Xingyu of reporter of learn on job reports 31 days) next year bottom, one has a holiday to lie fallow already, the southwest bamboo that has extensive introduction to bamboo literacy knowledge again kind museum will be shown before the citizen. Now, the reporter learns from government of boreal Bei district: This area bend force makes wall of zoology of Chinese bamboo sea, the development that pushs bamboo industry energetically and use, form the travel industry such as painting and calligraphy of bamboo carve bamboo; The treatment industry such as Zhu Xizhu umbrella; The economic industry such as medicines and chemical reagents of bamboo food, bamboo...

Stand erect of green banboos of one plant individual plant is in boreal Bei new city.

Green banboos of 360 thousand individual plant orders new city of green north Bei

Mountaineer in 270 meters long Jin Yun Shan ladder can see on the road, ladder of both sides edge of two side " bamboo is taken " , be in harmony of new city of will white Yun Zhuhai and boreal Bei for an organic whole. Grand Zhu Haibao's cloth, distinctive Zhu Haijing is watched, exclaim letting a person unceasingly. New city of boreal Bei area is in charge of appoint meeting controller introduces, have everyday by tens of thousands the citizen mountaineers from footpath, exercise to admire Zhu Jing again already, its are happy boundless. Additional, zhu Hai also became the ground of the first selection that numerous new personality films marriage gauze is illuminated, everyday numerous new personality is attracted.

Begin from April 2006, to the end of last year, boreal Bei new sections of a city close to the city wall occupies different geographical condition and circumjacent environment, already introduced cultivated the Nan bamboo, bamboo such as mottled bamboo, bitter bamboo, fernleaf hedge bamboo kind plant more than kinds 200, gross 360 thousand more than individual plant.

In March 2007, the community pleasance that boreal Bei area gives priority to the first times with landscape----Pleasance of community of the hill after center of activity of adolescent of boreal Bei new city opens to the outside world formally. In the meantime, park of 3 bamboo theme also finishs hill of stage of Chong Jiatang, Yu Geshan, rain bamboo kind afforest is cultivated, 2007 the bottom is opened to the citizen.

Current, in boreal Bei new city can see, deck of green banboos of 10 thousand individual plant is in each corners, became a distinctive scenery line. Between footpath, water system, in the park, inside the village, everywhere sees breed the bamboo of each different, boreal Bei new city, already set off one another in greenery green banboos, the construction effect of city of bamboo sea zoology is distinct.

"Net of annulus of the face that choose a route " make city of Zhu Haisheng state

Boreal Bei is made " bamboo sea city " , with street garden of a certain number of high-quality goods bamboo are " dot " , road both sides is planted bamboo is " line " , park, square cultivates bamboo to be in great quantities " face " , greenbelt, hilltop cultivates bamboo to be in great quantities " annulus " , make the bamboo afforest net that has distinguishing feature of boreal Bei city.
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