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Admire waterfall of bamboo, view to all be in An Ji
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Looking at straight alarm to enter the bamboo of the cloud, can let me feel more or less " modest Zhu Youqian 1000 " temperamental. In thorough and dense Zhu Lin, receive never-failing green to bring me a natural green world. And An Jizheng has " plain former 50 lis, xiu Zhu half meantime " great reputation, beautiful sunshine, asperse through boundless and indistinct Zhu Hai come down, also can let your drink to the dregs return to natural boundless fun surely.
City of lake of high speed of Ning Hang of high high speed of peace of high speed of airport of Nanjing urban district (below cervine hill exit) An Ji county (turn 11 provinces)

Whole journey: 269.4 Km

Fare: Nanjing airport paragraph 20 yuan, jiangsu of peace Hangzhou high speed paragraph 50 yuan, zhejiang paragraph 25 yuan, 11 provinces path collects fees twice the station receives 10 yuan each

Walk course


"Chinese bamboo countryside " An Ji, take " install Ju Jixi " meaning. Boundless and indistinct Zhu Hai formed An Ji to provide the natural landscape of characteristic most, among them one is continuous hundreds lis pure bamboo forest belt is the scene with An Ji particular place more, beautiful Zhu Hai also formed the beautiful scenery with unique whole world.

Admire bamboo, see a peak swim

Bamboo reads extensively field

Entrance ticket: 60 yuan

The bamboo that install auspicious reads extensively garden predecessor is planted for An Jizhu field, it is craft of collect bamboo culture, bamboo the An Jizhu with the Chinese bamboo museum at an organic whole and Asian the largest scale is planted the perfect union of garden, inside the garden that covers an area of 1200 mus, all over establish of all kinds bamboo more than kinds 389. Visit to Zhu Boyuan, can the bamboo of highest grade name of each country of general view world, understand thoroughly the bamboo treatment that already on 1000 carry to use history.

Cool breeze sways, bamboo movie dancing, place oneself meantime, as if the ocean that walks into bamboo. See those bamboo, be high up in the air of bank of their some Wei, some is low and procumbent, some fine needles that be like a club, some criterion leaf is like bright and beautiful silk greatly; Some glowing, some is eccentric and screwy. And Chun Xiazhi border, watch bamboo shoot, can make person interest full more. And the black bud bamboo shoot that does not say green of darkly of bamboo shoot carapace, the Jin Zhu of amaranth, the bamboo of the four seasons of cyan, beautiful horny bamboo; Also do not say form if the gun knife bamboo of tassel short spear, sweet sweet bamboo shoot, bitter bitter bamboo; Sheet says that feed gallinaceous bamboo and Huang Tianzhu, let your look go up a long time quite.

Big fellow 72 peaks

Entrance ticket: 45 yuan

72 peaks are located in big fellow town of blessing of newspaper of south of the county that install auspicious, scene area gross area amounts to 38 square kilometer, by Shi Ling beauty spot of beauty spot, Dong Ling beauty spot, big fellow mountain is comprised, it is a beauty spot with nature and theme of article melt into, its distinctive downy scene element has " Zhejiang Qinghai-Tibet Platean " say.
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