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Bamboo Cultural Festival invites you to watch Zhujing to taste bamboo eat " coun
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Eat of interest of Zhu Jing, Zhu Yi, bamboo, bamboo... fall season, the gardens landscape that gives priority to a problem with bamboo and zoology travel will make a pleasance and recreational travel for the citizen " bamboo world " , carry on one chic art for Shanghai citizen big eat -- , Cultural Festival of 2008 Shanghai bamboo will be in Shanghai on October 31 at coming on September 19 ancient Yi garden is held.

Countryside of 10 big bamboo gathers together Shen Cheng

The reporter learns from city afforest management board, zhejiang An Ji, face how, jiangxi appropriate abundant, Chong Yi, fujian builds Ou, suitable prosperous, guangdong An Ning, hunan peach river, anhui wide heart, guizhou bare water " countryside of 10 big bamboo " will reveal provide representative bamboo most. Travel of scene of zoology of bamboo countryside nature and bamboo resource product will borrow Shanghai bamboo Cultural Festival to walk into the life of Shanghai citizen.

In the meantime, chengdu looks at park of river building park, courtyard of Beijing black bamboo, Yangzhou the whole nation such as the garden of Fang Zhu of hole of garden, Hangzhou Huang Long, Zhu Boyuan that install auspicious' famous park that is characteristic with bamboo also will be revealed respective and distinctive, the citizen is sufficient do not go out " Shanghai " can swim.

The spot performs bamboo to write skill

Eat of interest of Zhu Yi, bamboo, bamboo also is the window of current bamboo Cultural Festival. Zhu Diao, bamboo carving, bamboo is made up, photography of painting and calligraphy of bamboo miniascape, bamboo, bamboo the concentration on the section will be changed to reveal in Zhu Wen. Bamboo art high-quality goods and bamboo of Zhejiang Sheng city make up the Sichuan green god of the most negative great reputation tourist spot will is to perform bamboo to write skill on bamboo Cultural Festival. The children amusement park that is material with bamboo " Tong Quyuan " will attract a child to be close to bamboo.

"Bamboo " still will borrow stride of Shanghai bamboo Cultural Festival to enter cookbook of Shanghai citizen the daily life of a family, "Bamboo banquet dish " it is with the tea name a person for a particular job that having bamboo culture distinguishing feature during bamboo Cultural Festival roll out in ancient Yi garden.

Travel line of 6 lines A is nonstop

Urban citizen takes travel line of 6 lines A can arrive directly at garden of Na Xiang ancient Yi. City travel is distributing center the travel that central Shanghai stadium stands line of 6 lines A times every day hair car, head regular bus in the morning 6 when send a car 30 minutes from Shanghai stadium, the last bus time that Cong Jiading returns Shanghai stadium is 19 when 05 minutes.

Bus: 562 (start station Nanjing on the west Lu Meili garden) , 517 (square of north of station of Shanghai of start station railroad) , 822 (start station Jinyuan Lu Haining road) , north fine line (area of start station north.
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