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In horn of tooth of wood of bamboo of our country ancient time implement in artwork, bamboo carve artwork is past dynasties of all previous face most one of artwork that suffer praise highly of bookman refined scholar to love, the mainest reason is its material qualitative characteristic, if the “ of bamboo is modest,appearance of spirit of ” of strong red-letter day of ” , “ and archaic bookman agrees, additional, the history craft of long, sculpture is masterly and go to the lavatory to use and be saved, also be gay of the person that its suffer Gu Jin to collect main reason.

According to historical data account, zhu Diao becomes artwork in 6 day period, arrived Tang Song, bamboo carve craft obtained great progress, but truly prosperous rising is in bright Qing Dynasty. Right now, in drawing art blends in bamboo carve art, painting of flowers and birds in traditional Chinese style, landscape, calligraphy becomes bamboo carve artist's commonly used subject matter, many article room appliance is put aside like pen container, arm, sweet canister, letterweight, pen is washed etc use bamboo carve to make, still appeared to place those who play for appreciation additionally, if the character is statuary, small-sized pavilion, hanging, wait flexibly.

Group of bamboo carve art and inheritance

The development of bamboo carve art makes many artist emerge in large numbers comes out, formed history on famous fine calm clique, Jin Ling is sent (namely today Shanghai fine two ground) of calm county and Nanjing city. Fine the delegate that sends surely is Zhu He, achieve ” of “ deep law; Golden hill clique is a delegate with Pu Cheng, achieve “ the shallow ” that cut a way. Fine because Pu Cheng of hill of calm Zhu He, gold is accomplished distinguished and by hard gold of clear acting gold dollar " Zhu Renlu " push for originator of two cliques cut into a mountain.

Fine the father Zhu He that sends surely, not only the name that its oneself have be handed down from ancient times, its child Zhu Ying, Sun Zhuzhi is asked for is famous Zhu Diao's artist. Deep law includes anaglyph and method of in the round ability, main feature is “ tall, deep, appear ” , namely “ sparsely the sculpture form of ” of characters cut in relief. Anaglyph is divided again for bas-relief and high relief two kinds, cut a way with the characters cut in relief in appearing vulture to all belong to bamboo carving. Because one layer upon layer shovel goes to bamboo ground, make design statified and raised produce stereo result, have the feeling with round vivid muddy. Zhu bamboo carving is like carry pen with the knife, character and animal expression are natural, to later ages fine the style that decide a clique produced far-reaching effect. Fine clear metaphase of carve of the bamboo that decide a clique enters flourishing, ace of carve of a lot of bamboo out fine below calm door, influential bamboo carving home has a few people, among them famously Wu Zhibo, Zhou Che, Feng Xijue, Feng Xilu, Feng Xizhang, Shi Tianzhang, Zhang Xi fizzles out etc, fine also be called accordingly surely the countryside ” of “ bamboo carving.
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