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This day of contest of photography of Cultural Festival of bamboo of ancient Yi
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China is known as " Zhu Wenming's country " , "Culture of bamboo of an ancient name for China, up and down 5000, basic necessities of life is used, everywhere bamboo is linked together " , organizing committee of Cultural Festival of bamboo of ancient Yi garden expresses, to promote China further long Zhu Wen is changed, show the distinctive glamour of gardens art, hold the photography contest that gives priority to a problem with bamboo especially during bamboo Cultural Festival, this day begins to start.

Photography contest theme is " the glamour of bamboo, inheritance is classical " , work collects time to come to stopped on October 12 since this day. Traditional camera and digital camera place pat work to all can take part in the match, film the form is not restricted, color, black-and-white photograph all can take part in the match, can do proper later period processing, but must not mount a picture. The organizing committee will have decide on awards through discussion, participator is highest can obtain 2000 yuan of award and letter. Outstanding work will change artistic holiday later period to undertake exhibiting in Zhu Wen.

Take part in the match work sends an address: Highway of Shanghai Shanghai appropriate organizing committee of division of art of culture of bamboo of 218 2008 Shanghai (make clear please take part in the match model of written characters) postcode: Work of 201802; number sends the email: Guyigarden@sina.com.

Take part in the match the detail can land inquiry of Http://www.guyigarden.com of website of ancient Yi garden, or phone 59122225 understanding circumstance.

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