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Bamboo makes notional bicycle appear on a bicycle to exhibit
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Channel of xinhua net Tianjin contest of design of 08 bicycles originality was in report on March 28 exhibition of bicycle of northward international of the 8th China serves as a main area, attracted a lot of bicycles to exhibit the attention of business, the work of bicycle concept car that this originality designs a contest to wait for college choosing to send by institute of arts and crafts of university of Tianjin beautiful courtyard, Tianjin, Tianjin is comprised, showing the infinite possibility that bicycle future admits.

Class of the explore before reporter day premise, the bamboo that the student Zhou Fupeng that by institute of Tianjin arts and crafts 07 class reveal design major one designs made name to be " of travel of " green free makes a bicycle will be exhibited in the car appear, this vehicle is main structural frame part all is comprised by Zhu Zhi, the architect states this car is the car of a concept that gives design of behavior jumping-off place with environmental protection, this car just appeared to attract a lot of ginseng to exhibit the attention of car business instantly, two ginseng that come from Shaanxi exhibit the bicycle that business says to from course of study 20 one's remaining years never had seen bamboo is made, express strong interest to this car.

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