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Yunnan expert breeds dragon bamboo seed first on the world
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Never had had " seed " the Long Zhu of account history, be enriched the people by Kunming city the side of congratulate of Yo bamboo hotshot that new Guo Zhumiao breeds base encourages " pound beat " give 36.7 kilograms of seeds. This is Long Zhu the seed comes out first inside limits all over the world.

On the world first breeding is successful
According to Introduction He Bangzhao, because do not have a seed, long Zhu's grow seedlings is to use vimineous cuttage commonly, bury a section, bury the asexuality such as stalk, layering progenitive means, but, as a result of cannot foresight, long Zhu can face the possibility that dies at any time, this has bigger menace to production. Congratulate helps encouraging course 3 years tens of second seed selection, breed, artificial pollination, collect close, plant completely etc, it is eventually by this year March get 36.7 kilograms Long Zhu carries housing seed.
1000 seeds weigh 24.8 grams only
36.7 kilograms of seeds can not be decimal eye. According to metage, the weight of 1000 seeds only 24.8 grams. The reporter sees in the spot, the dragon bamboo seed that comes out first is shown violet Brown, egg circle, like Mai Li.
He Bangzhao calculated brushstroke Zhang to the reporter, 36.7 kilograms of seeds have 3 to reach 40 thousand, can sprout probably inside 3 months emerge many 15000, the tillering of each small Miao Ke inside 1 year blossoms seedling of bamboo of 20 individual plant, press every 1.5 yuan calculate, saying less also is on 100 million yuan economy value after 3 years.

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