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90 minutes, bamboo pole changes fiber
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Yesterday morning, the reporter fizzles out in photograph the city zone saw with one's own eyes of limited company of textile of family expenses of street emperor bamboo witnessed the bridge such a paragraph " magic " : The bamboo pole course of a stiff became a Zhu Si after processing, in the decoction on electric stove a half hour hind, turned posse into the fiber of soft again. The expert such as the Mei Zijiang of academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering of spot view and emulate praises say, this is the high-tech technology of environmental protection of a green.
The bamboo of our country is resourceful, development bamboo fiber and its product have distinct advantage. Current, already many enterprises machine production to give various bamboo fiber products through bamboo fiber spin, but it is mostly after pounding bamboo into the oar first, collect weaving of spinning of the cotton in bamboo pulp fiber fiber, the product is given priority to with blending.
Limited company of Huang Qiao's street textile of family expenses of bamboo of emperor of illicit look forward to is domestic spin domain the scientific research base of institute of spin of university of Dong Hua of advanced institution of higher learning, rose 2004, both sides is produced learn to grind collaboration, begin to be opposite bamboo fibrous is fine special processing technique and product undertake gauze research, the bamboo that appears high temperature evaporate undertakes handling with special technology, extraction gives Zhu Yuan fiber, former to bamboo fiber undertakes modified is handled, successful development went generation of our country product of pure spinning of natural bamboo fiber.
Yesterday, it is holy bamboo company what hold technically is direct extract Zhu Yuan fibrous to demonstrate from inside bamboo, in the morning 9 when make, wu Suming of the general manager of limited company of textile of holy bamboo family expenses that develops this technology, engineer the face that waits for an expert before Mei Zijiang of academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, demonstrating adroitly " bamboo pole changes fiber " magical change.
The bamboo pole that sees physics of a course, chemical processing only in Wu Suming the rub of both hands is held below, became a Zhu Si, subsequently he cuts Zhu Si stew in the physical kettle that bring up the rear puts electric stove to go up, as the change of temperature, the Zhu Si in physical canister is progressively by hard molten, by yellow whiten, a half hour hind, wu Gong from physical canister fish out posse soft white bamboo fiber.
As we have learned, the Mao Ma that extracts from inside bamboo directly fiber can use pure spinning, knit the fabrics that come out to pledge light, hold out draw together, moisture absorption to guide wet sex is strong, breathe freely cool, burnish is good, have fight ultraviolet ray, curb bacterium, deodorant, gas defence wait for a characteristic. Mei Zijiang academician praises fill of environmental protection of this technology green home is blank, achieved international advanced level, for our country development went a kind new, resourceful spin raw material.
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