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Machine of bamboo skin table wears Er Eco-PC another times to be about to appear
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World world day just passed, so many manufacturers take the chance to roll out have tendentious product quite, make clear also already was love earth oneself. Dai Er also joined this procession, released a notional machine that the name is Eco-PC, reveal among them with machine still used simple case of bamboo skin lumber.

Reveal with machine

The version that future may release formally

Occupy Dai Er's introduction additionally, this machine will be the table chance with the least throughout history that wear Er, smaller than general table aircraft 81% , at the same time bad news also can decrease accordingly 70% . Wear Er nevertheless and configure without what divulge its are specific, tell everybody this table machine books the end of the year to appear on the market only, price is about between 500~700 dollar.

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