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Bamboo structure is aseismatic find a place for room sex price compares tent tal
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On May 25, 2008 dispatch: One is in China learning is off south California university, dimension teachs successful development to give a kind than the engineering college especially namely firm, have facilitate constructional bamboo structure is aseismatic find a place for room, with period the help is in plain ground epicenter lost Sichuan short of Wenshui River on May 12 the broad victim of home.
The first approved such finding a place for that the room has carried to go to Sichuan is wide yuan, and more in be being made.
South the expert that building of California university Sonny Astani and professor Professor Xiao Yan that environmental project fastens are design of a structure and consolidate, the many bamboo resource that he devotes oneself to to use Chinese Hunan Province all the time recently builds contemporary structure, before him paragraph the bamboo structure bridge that the design of time Lei in relief city in Hunan Province built truck of the first current carring capacity of world.
He hurrieded back on May 13 China goes to Sichuan to inspect this earthquake calamity. The immediateness after the Hunan campus ministry that returns him to be in charge of builds safety and energy-saving key laboratory began research and development to find a place for the job of the room.
The task group that two weeks of professors that be like cliff are less than after the earthquake developed structure of the first bamboo namely aseismatic find a place for room. They design find a place for the room is used modular design and can be opposite according to need planar layout undertakes adjustment.
Teach the introduction according to Xiao Yan, find a place for so that be installed at make and going all out,the module of the room joins with bolt, and 4 to 6 labour National People's Congress sends 4 hours to be able to be assembled give 22.3 smooth rice (240 square foot) find a place for room. Find a place for the main material of the room uses bamboo agglutination board, this is material of combination of a kind of natural fibrous. Find a place for the interior of the room consults the timberwork housing of North America sticks a face to be measured in order to make sure air is qualitative with plasterboard, have certain fireproof order and degree and heat preservation, heat insolation and sound insulation property. And aseismatic design consulted American timberwork design is normative. He says " find a place for the room sets two windows, fan and liquefacient steam cooking range or independent toilet installation are in " .
The first batch 20 find a place for the room is donated by Hunan university will carry in succession toward disaster area. Chinese newspaper " live abroad signs up for " the work that reported Xiao Yan is taught, support in appeal community with period help more victims.
Teach the introduction according to Xiao Yan, find a place for the cost of the room is inferior, according to local market value, every smooth rice cost is in 350 - 500 RMBs (or 50 - 70 dollars) . He listed the advantage of bamboo structure, point out " compared with tent, bamboo structure finds a place for performance of room heat insolation, heat preservation, sound insulation is good, habitant has security feeling and relatively comfortable, and compare fast " . Compared with other and off-the-peg such as light steel or profiling armor plate find a place for room, bamboo structure finds a place for the room used local resource, adjust measures to local conditions, cheaper also. He emphasizes bamboo is a kind of green, can last building materials, distributing in China and Asian resource very extensive.
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