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Bamboo of first environmental protection makes exposure of objective of key rat
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Bamboo belongs to an endogen, its configuration is special, blame grass is not wood, the bine has a red-letter day and hollow, submit shape of Chang Luqiao wood or bush form commonly, show according to concerning a material, at present the whole world has 1200 about a variety of bamboo. Bamboo is in the whole world is widespread, with respect to distributinging quantity character, the Asia resides the first.

China is world bamboo center produces one of divisions, it is the bamboo on the world kind resource area of most Zhu Lin holds most rich, output the 1/5 of area of whole world Zhu Lin. Bamboo grows fast, cultivated can use for many times, in building materials, food, papermaking, pack, the respect such as handicraft has hundreds of kinds of use, but the keyboard that makes with bamboo sees rarely really.

The outer packing of this clavier is given priority to with blue and green, the or so two side that pack all are the design of bamboo, traditional bamboo showed classic glamour and contemporary perfect couple.

The crust of clavier of suit of this key rat used the bamboo of 100% to be made, clavier whole color is cinnamon, the crust of clavier returns those who used wooden grain style to presswork. Key-press and common key-press use ABS plastic material to pledge euqally, copy jotter the key cap of type of ultrathin in suspension designs form, hit a word to do not have noise, bolt a key that also used notebook design. Clavier top right corner has 3 LED indicator light, clavier key-press can bear 8 million times above is clicked. Interface is USB interface.

The mouse case that CCP bamboo makes key rat suit also is make by the bamboo of 100% , the mouse is or so symmetrical design, the operation is agile greatly lowered the fatigue rate that manipulates a mouse for long to bring. Gyro wheel is crystal gyro wheel, interface also used USB interface, plug and Play is used rise very convenient.

Complier comments on: The capable person that place of suit of this key rat employs is qualitative very novel, the distinctive feel with warm cool summer of clavier and mouse winter, bamboo is made have be able to bear or endure dirty the quality that durable characteristic and visible bamboo makes clavier mouse did not say, and bamboo belongs to those who have life fast raw material, than lumber more environmental protection.

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