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Hua Shuo releases bamboo series jotter formally
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Hua Shuo released the bamboo series jotter that once revealed as notional product formally today (Bamboo Series) , allege the jotter of simple case of this kind of bamboo arrives from the concept production, from using recycle or desert is green environmental protection.

The bamboo that this kind of jotter uses Hua Shuo is to produce the bamboo from the Asia (MOSO) , be machined through elaborate art and become, preserved original tactility, odour and aesthetic perception, and each jotter is not duplicate, have respective and distinctive natural grain.

Jotter of series of China large bamboo has 12.1 inches to mix at present 11.1 inches of two fund type, dimension 22 × of 30 × 2.53-3.16 centimeter with 27.7 × 19.4 × 2.49-2.90 centimeter, weight is mixed for 1.57 kilogram respectively 1.25 kilogram (by) of computation of 3 core batteries.

Hardware respect, two model all are based on Intel fast gallop platform, general fittings has memory of hard disk of 2.5 inches of 160/250/320GB SATA, most 4GB DDR2 (frequency is 800MHz and 667MHz) , 300 thousand network resembling element to photograph respectively read card like head, 8 syncretic implement, DVD Super Multi engraves batteries of core of collection machine, 3/6/9 (the biggest 7800mAh) , all can hold edition of foundation of Windows Vista family, family beforehand advanced edition, commerce edition or admiral edition operating system.

Different is, former deploy 12.1 inches of WXGA LED to be in a poor light card of wireless net of set of chip of processor of double core of liquid crystal screen, Core 2 Duo T9400/P8600/P8400, PM45, WiMAX/WiFi Link 5100, GeForce 9300M GS 256MB shows clip independently, , 256MB Shan Cunxun dish module, latter is 11.1 inches of WXGA LED are in a poor light set of integrated chip of processor of low pressure of odd core of liquid crystal screen, Core Duo U7600, GM965 (core of GMA X3100 graph) , PRO/Wireless 3945ABG wireless net gets stuck, return hard disk of optional 32GB solid state.

Hua Shuo says, all bamboo series jotter still deployed Hua Shuo exclusive " Super Hybrid Engine " () of super mixture engine, can extend time of batteries add boat 35-70 % , perhaps promote systematic performance most 23 % . Below energy-saving mode, every jotter can reduce carbon dioxide every year to discharge 12.3 kilogram, and Hua Shuo is annual shipment jotter makes an appointment with 6 million, reduce carbon dioxide to discharge 73.8 million tons namely, was equivalent to protecting 36 million tree.

Hua Shuo still alleges, jotter of this kind of bamboo can be in altitude works normally on 8844 meters Mount Everest.

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