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"6 · 18 " the butt joint gives new-style floor board
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Report from our correspondent " look, workers Mu Fu of busy laded bamboo of heating of new-style environmental protection joins a floor board, be about to export Korea, this is our company again from ' 6 · 18 ' the achievement that the butt joint on Fair comes out... " yesterday, in course of study of bamboo of science and technology of city of bamboo grove of Fujian of the city that build Ou limited company workshop one horn, refer is successive two years " 6 · 18 " brought results, this company controller all over the face happy.
Be in the 4th " 6 · 18 " on Fair, firm of bamboo grove city introduces national bamboo research center " bamboo appears a heart to blanch new technology " , can " sweep the deck " the bamboo of new old, different district, what solved the raw material of the enterprise thoroughly is tired. After savor benefit, last year, this company is passed again " 6 · 18 " platform, jiang Shenxue of professor of research center of engineering of bamboo of university of forestry of as unripe as Zhang Qi of academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Nanjing is successful butt joint, apply advanced Zhu Lin Mu Fu of bamboo of new-style environmental protection adds up to heating of ground of residence of compound and academic research and development floor. It is reported, this kind of new-style floor board that firm of bamboo grove city produces, belong to order pattern to produce, from this year March since put into production, floor of 30 thousand square metre already sold past Korea entirely. (Lin Xiuying Li Baocheng)

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