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American Atlanta woodworker is exhibited
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Woodworker of American Atlanta international and furniture fittings are exhibited (IWF) begin to hold from 1966, biennially holds (Feng Shuangnian is held) , it is the 21st this year. It is carpentry product, the world in facilities of production of woodworker and tool, furniture and furniture fittings domain the 2nd exhibit greatly meeting. Also be one of professional exhibition of the most influential force on the world, 2006 exhibit can attract the ginseng of many 1300 enterprise that comes from world each district to exhibit in all, come from 85 countries to have the professional audience that buys a plan more than 50000, ginseng exhibit an area nearly 80000 square metre.

Showpiece time: 23 days of          nodded showpiece on August 20, 2008: Center of Atlanta international conference

Content of item on display:                                           

Furniture hardware kind: Join of furniture handle, lock, fittings, bracket, metal, trundle;

Furniture raw material kind: The component of furniture, furniture sticks bracket of face, drawer, furniture, roller, door, furniture the goods such as glass of complementary makings, plank, furniture;

Other wood: Wooden floor, wooden door, wooden window reachs other lumber product

Machinery and tool kind: Tool of timber industry machinery, carpentry and curium kind, the machinery related other wood and tool, face plate enchases reach processor instrument, furniture all sorts of machine of complementary makings installation, manual tools and dynamoelectric tool:

Other produces class: Safe system, reach its all and relevant product.

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