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"Forum of business chance of company of Canadian China lumber reached a Trade Fa
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    we are honoured to be recommended to you very much activity that is company of estate of timber of the two countries in adding to create tremendous opportunity!
    Canada is one of countries with the most substantial natural resources of the forest on the world, silvan area 417 million hectare, 50% what occupy land gross area about. Canadian forestry relies on these silvan natural resources to prop up, in recent years average trading business volume is as high as its lumber 40 billion dollar. If do not have Canadian contribution, perhaps cannot satisfy the lumber requirement of the world.
    China is becoming the biggest lumber on the world to import country and ligneous product country of the 2nd exit. However, front of silvan natural resources faces increasingly severe supply pressure. Canadian premier Harper is in the talk with Hu Jintao of Chinese state chairman, for many times generosity offers to will export more Canadian lumber to China, relation of the long-term friendship between two countries and collaboration of strategic associate commerce is added to make contribution in be. Accordingly, canadian lumber company rates Chinese market principal partner in succession, try hard to achieve this goal.
    divides this beyond, canada also devotes oneself to to popularize all the time environmental protection, energy-saving the advanced concept that changes intelligence with building product green, the help needs to recommend advanced technique and the dominant position of relevant enterprise implementation that are willing to undertake resource conformity complementary with comprehensive collaboration. In recent years, canadian government publishs the vigorous policy that urges a foreign trader to share the strategy such as investment forest resource ceaselessly. This also offerred a wonderful commercial opportunity for Chinese relevant enterprise undoubtedly.
    this activity exceptionally grand occasion, it is this year the wooden industry forum that Canada has dimensions and force most and Trade Fair. Force invites Canada federally, visit governmental official, mayor, company of estate of timber of the two countries in adding is senior expert and thing department are large lumber company and forestry centre advocate the delegate development analysis, lumber industry that discusses Canada and China jointly and resource current situation, equipment of wooden industry machinery, the second birth of lumber waste material is used, machine the heat task such as the market and investment potential.
    at the appointed time, you will be represented one case with what enter this second activity mix with the government imposing a state that attends on invitation seeking the Canadian enterprise that cooperates with China to undertake face-to-face communicate and exchange views. This second activity notes enterprise of the both sides in weighing creation to add to meet directly opportunity, compose builds the bridge that the enterprise in adding communicates, special the opportunity that offers enterprise of place of direct visiting contact and the investment climate that inspect Canada on the spot for Chinese enterprise.
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