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Exhibition of Spanish door window
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Door pane exhibits Spanish Madrid VETECO, held water 1990, biennially is held. Sponsor by Spanish IFEMA company. Most Spain builds relevant industry famously exhibit meeting, all sponsor as a result of the company. In recent years, spanish building materials kind product import demand is bigger and bigger. Spain is gone to to attend building materials before also having more and more China companies nearly two years kind exhibition. It is OK to hold the ground as a result of its complementary shoot whole and meridional, medium Europe and Western Europe market, the propagandist plan that the person that together with is sponsorred postpones to this and before exhibiting, extend the medium, systematization service after exhibiting, make this position that exhibit ceaseless rise, more and more get world each district is relevant the attention of the enterprise. Should exhibit on one year exhibit an area already 50 thousand square metre. Postpone business many 500, professional audience 50000 much people. Will continue to increase 2008 exhibit an area, already satisfied what increase ceaselessly to extend the requirement of business, will meet in Madrid 2008 2 what exhibit a center, 4, 6, 8, 12, 14 houses are held.

Exhibit meeting name: VETECO of exhibition of window of door of Spanish Madrid international

Showpiece time: In May 2008 7-10 day              

Nod showpiece: Madrid international exhibition center

Main item on display:

★     aluminous profile, lumber, PVC profile and other window kind product;

★     ceiling, sunshade canopy, shutter shade; Glass; Glazing;

Fittings of ★     window reachs a tool; Window shake handshandle; Hardware fittings; Reach other relevant service

★     door; Garage things; Fittings reachs a service related other

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