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· of Korea boiler hill the seventeenth residence and building product exhibitio
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· of hill of     Korea boiler the seventeenth residence and building product exhibition
    date: In October 2007 12, 16 days
    place: Boiler hill exhibition discusses a center (BEXCO)
    sponsors an unit: Housing Co.Ltd of home village or town of capital of   of news agency of country of capital of   of boiler hill municipal government shows limited company
The unit just undertakes in    : China of construction ministry · builds culture center
    assist run an unit: Company of land of Korea of   of Korea house company
Contact of association of     Korea residence: Zhang Tiejun 13911561388
    phone: 010-68311370
    fax: 010-68311370
    supports an unit: Career of Korea house construction is met Korea of   of Korea construction Department of Transportation is industrial and commercial management board of course of study of the Xiaoshang in energy department Korea
    Korea sponsors unit brief introduction
Housing Co.Ltd of     capital home village or town shows limited company, the special exhibition that regards capital home village or town as the news agency serves a company, manage an organization technically to build the exhibition activity of professional domain, having close cooperation with the association of course of study of one's own profession, company and media, got boiler hill municipal government give full cooperation. There is taller reputation inside Korea course of study.
    KyungHyang Housing Co. Ltd since 1986, hold fair of building, building materials every year 3 times.
    KyungHyang Housing Fair (annual Feburary) next year the 23rd.
    KyungHyang Housing Fair Summer Festival(is annual August) this year the 9th.
    KyungHyang Housing Fair (annual October) this year the seventeenth.
    KyungHyang Housing Co. Ltd is dimensions is held in Korea the biggest, influence is the deepest, authoritative exhibition of the strongest structure, building materials. This statistic is give priority to with collective residence. The transforms a project circumstance according to collective residence, we can forecast overall the market condition that transforms a project is with growing possibility inside Korea collective residence (APT) have rate: Acting 1970, 13.5% ; Acting 1980, 58.1% ; Acting 1990, about 70% ; Already exceeded 80% 2000.
    ginseng extends range
Wei Yujie of     · provides: Wei Yujie is provided reach system of the fittings, form a complete set that defend bath (sauna, vortical bathroom of massage bath crock, Turkish bath room, swimming-pool, whole) ;
Facilities of galley equipment, hotel and office set     · fully;
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