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Woodworker of international of the 14th Mexico reachs exhibition of furniture fi
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Extend meeting date: 2008-1-23
Postpone meeting introduction:
Woodworker of international of the 14th Mexico reachs exhibition of furniture fittings industry, it is my department forms a delegation solely the major of the woodworker with another royal dimensions and furniture fittings industry exhibits the latin america area that enter meeting. This exhibition is dimensions of the South America in trade fair the exhibition with the biggest, the most extensive influence, famous industry business all is in all latin america this exhibition appears.
2008 is to should exhibit the 14th of the meeting to exhibit, in 7 years share on 13 exhibition come from the United States, Canada, Germany and Europe, the professional audience of the latin america country such as Brazil, Argentine, Chile more than 15000, exhibit an area 15000 square metre, ginseng exhibit business to exceed 150. In 7 years exhibit in the meeting, ginseng exhibited business to create new sale record entirely, make should exhibit can become the major with most popular latin america to exhibit meeting.
My company formed a delegation already solely 2007 the woodworker that attended to be in Mexico and furniture fittings exhibition, chinese ginseng exhibited business to be obtained on exhibition exhibit goodly the effect, the ginseng of 80% postpones a business already the jobber that choose went to to be in Mexico, having the negotiation of materiality. We can be told self-confidently, this area woodworker and furniture fittings industry obtained pre-test to succeed.
Market background:
Mexico welcomes Chinese product to enter this market, among them the most welcome is furniture fittings of metal of production machinery and equipment, of all kinds furniture, and the handiwork of production furniture is provided, machine of dynamoelectric tool, paint tool, pneumatics is waited a moment. Lumber resource of Mexico is very capacious, but furniture production technology is more backward, be equivalent to the level of 60 time of Chinese only, this is the good market in Chinese entrepreneur dream.
South America is opposite in is the virgin land of the market Chinese enterprise. My company takes the development of market of the South America in be opposite seriously very in a few years, especially the osmosis of Mexican market, I manage OK and proud ground says, the international that we are markets of the most familiar Mexico shows a company, my department once had been exhibited 10 times in Mexican group, understand market demand of Mexico, think Mexican market is the market that at present level China enterprise fits most, although this market is broad in that way without Europe, but Chinese company is right over there sortie is very little, market demand is exuberant, export price makes a manufacturer satisfactory.
Mexican whole area often stays population -697379968, mexican forest is enclothed lead the cogongrass before ranking the world. Mexico is production and the big country of use furniture, but Mexican woodworker and weakness of technology of furniture fittings production, basic it is a state that counts an import.
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