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Woodworker of international of 2008 Italy Milan and material are exhibited ((XYL
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   exhibits time: Came 31 days on May 27, 2008
   sponsors an unit: Italian woodworker and tool Manufacturers Association
Hold a place: Milanese new international exhibits a center
Exhibit meeting content: Lumber processing technique, furniture and decorate, lumber machines course of study to wait with appliance and semi-manufactured goods
Exhibit meeting setting: Should be being exhibited can be the professional exhibition of the the biggest, most influential force on the world that is lumber and be in harmony of treatment facilities major an organic whole, two years, held 20 already successfully.
Toward review: It is reported, exhibited meeting ginseng to postpone business 2006 nearly 1000, clean exhibition area is 72 thousand square metre, audience gross amounts to 93266 person-time; Divide Europe beyond, still have the person look around of the 48008 person-time that come from 133 countries, occupy the 51.5 % of audience gross, show this adequately to exhibit of the meeting professional with internationally. While XYLEXPO shows new product of woodworker industry and furniture industry, new technology to the personage inside course of study, still built tremendous commercial platform, exhibited business to offer to solve product of problem, innovation and the good chance that have investing advisory to the person that all visitting and ginseng with comprehensive solution, advanced technology and experience.
Characteristic of item on display: Joining the item on display that exhibit is the high-quality goods of each country woodworker, mirrorred every country adequately to produce the trend of technical level and international woodworker development. Its product characteristic is as follows roughly:  
1. Enlarged lumber to machine craft sex. Exhibit the BARS that can exhibit - IA and BARS - IA - 70 model the fretsaw that make material, curium cut exterior quality and precision to be able to come true " in order to curium acting dig " treatment craft requirement, the design concept that enough reflects fretsaw to make material and use value.
2. Mobile apparatus increased the flexibility that equipment uses. Polish WOOD - machine of band saw of horizontal of movable type of the LT15 that Mizer joint venture produces, LT20, LT40, LT70, can faint directly by the car cut the spot, came true " log is not downhill, the spot gives a become a useful person " treatment means.
3. The application of numerical control technology raised rate of machine tool automation. The application of numerical control machine tool in carpentry machine tool, of the integral technology standard that urged carpentry machine tool rise, also raised rate of machine tool automation at the same time, improved the performance characteristics of the machine tool and treatment quality.
4. The use of manipulator improved operation environment. All sorts of model intelligence that France produces manipulator, OK at workpiece applying assemble and unassemble carry, the assembly of wood, gush, lacquer, jockey person from repeat, onerous put with the solution in harsh working environment.
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