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The 4th Guangdong arranges plenary meeting of trade of German border lumber to e
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Origanization construction
Sponsor an unit: Chinese lumber is current association
Undertake unit: Middle forest of Beijing of ministry of collaboration of current association international depends on Chinese lumber limited company of technology of project of family modes of life and relation to their environment
Abroad assist do: HOLZ COZERT of Germany of association of Canadian timber trade consults a company

Sponsor unit brief introduction

Current association fastens     China lumber one of mass organizations with Chinese lumber the mainest industry. Via ministry of former state goods and materials 1985 ministry of civil administration of approval, state is registered register hold water. Association is what wait for a variety of economy composition by the production that pursues lumber and goods, distribute, terminal market, scientific research is enterprise or business the national organization that the unit forms of one's own accord, have inside Chinese lumber industry authority, extensive sex and representative.
    China lumber is current the tenet of association is the normal order that upholds lumber market, protection competes fairly. Safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of national interest and member company, serve for the industry wholeheartedly, for the enterprise, for the government, serve for the society. Stimulative lumber industry and lumber market health develop, quicken the pace that conforms with international lumber industry and international lumber market. The 3 big function of association are to be in China action of function of service of lumber industry play, bridge and industry self-discipline function. The limits of Wu of 6 great undertaking of association is: Circumstance of investigation and study, report, carry out code, two-way service, industry self-discipline, safeguard rights and interests, provide information, do well service, the organization postpones line of business of meeting, stimulative trade, begin groom, improve quality.
    up to now, association has a member more than 600, standing director unit amounts to 74, director unit 194. Association sets floor of committee of lumber market major, wood committee of committee of major of material of committee of major of door of current and professional committee, wood, project and job of lumber company credit. Afore-mentioned each committee all classics country endowment appoint approval, ministry of national civil administration is registered register. Association still created agency respectively in Shanghai, Tianjin, activity of regional to beginning industry produced positive effect.
Conference introduction

    " China International lumber purchases plenary meeting of merchant supplier trade " (the following abbreviation " lumber congress " ) be the whole world with lumber raw material and plank is purchased and domestic wood exit is oriented high end to negotiate meeting, congress is used " order conference " mode, before be being met namely, had fulfilled purchase business to reach purchase detailed account, arrangement purchases merchant supplier to see on the meeting discuss with sb face to face talks, read sheet of appearance, autograph, enter the low cost of the person that meet and tall result in order to ensure.
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