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Contaminative problem makes the parent fear children is special lacquer standard
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       is decorated in, the contaminative problem of child room is to make parents most of concern and anxious, if where,the pollution that decorates room of lieutenant general children falls lowest, businessman and consumer care jointly. Current, building materials market and each sell greatly of field " children is special lacquer " sales volume is good, use " children lacquer " can you have profit to the health of children really? Is an emblem mark of this kind of product accurate how? Does the country have unified level on the craft that make? Be aimed at these problems,
The author consulted relevant data, understanding arrives, "Children lacquer " have a lot of profit really, harmful metal content is the extremely low, all modulation that use water, special in the product organic volatile content is less than emulsioni paint every litres range of 1 gram, lacquer is tonal and smooth, rich; Will decorate a room with this kind of product, not only very environmental protection, and tonal and rich, can the need that finer contented children house decorates. But so far, the country did not publish children room to decorate the control level of material alone, how is the effect still unknown.

What special lacquer publishs children is the directest the demand that is the catalysis that the reason is the market and market, but since can reach the environmental protection level of children lacquer certain level, why to apply this standard industry of whole paint coating likewise. relatively, the value of this kinds of product is relative taller, in the block up on certain level the in a popular style of the product, but consumer or more the civilian that expects high grade product is changed, those who expect efficient level is fast change, in safeguard consumer interest same, the environment that maintains whole market is run.

It is reported, this kinds of product is in when leaving factory still according to " interior decoration decorates material harmful material set limit to 10 mandatory national level " . Warn customer, to assure the child's health and safety, buy " children lacquer " when, should buy to normal brand shop, read product quality carefully to detect report, notice whether product lot number agrees with transaction.

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