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" air purifies level of state of the charcoal that use bamboo " be about to come
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        teachs charcoal of bamboo of the cliff that reach green jade to wait for enterprise of charcoal of bamboo of bibcock of more than 10 home to be drafted jointly by Zhang Qi unripe academician, Zhou Jianbin " air purifies level of state of the charcoal that use bamboo " be about to come on stage. On September 6 morning, the checkup of this GB stalked of grain to pass the evaluation of expert group smoothly, classics total bureau of national qualitative check appears in the newspaper after revising. Predict to be pledged by the country check total bureau is promulgated inside year carry out.
The formulate of this         standard and release carry out, the national level that is charcoal of the first bamboo of domestic, it is all the good news of the person that charcoal of charcoal farming, bamboo machines distribute of charcoal of enterprise, bamboo and broad consumer; the end bamboo charcoal industry does not have the awkward situation of GB; Develop to the health of bamboo charcoal industry, to the conduct propaganda of bamboo charcoal function, will have tremendous stimulative effect. In the meantime, make an enterprise increase a technology, detect the investment of the method, active exploration makes sure product quality accords with the method of national level, make consumer gets material benefit rises to protect action truly. This standard is had certain before look up sex, and via sufficient test and verify, have better maneuverability and certain advanced sex consequently. The technical index of this GB basically involves the following 6 respects: Dissolubility of adsorption of moisture, ash content, fixed carbon, formaldehyde, benzene adsorption, TVOC(organic matter) adsorption.

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