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Lumber carriage card and system of sheet of products of wooden bamboo treatment
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To strengthen the protection of silvan natural resources and management, straighten forest zone order further, the Mu Zhu inside normative county is carried, the concerned policy that ties reform of system of current and collective Lin Quan and lumber of county of Anhui Qing Yang are carried and machine company new condition, basis " silvan law " wait for concerned law, code each forestry policy, since September 1, 2007 the lumber inside executive county carries card He Muzhu to process products only system.

System of carriage card of the lumber inside executive county aims to solve the lumber inside the county current in " two gold " of bill string with, prevent to collect the happening of denudation, random phenomenon receiving chaos in disorder, the lumber inside normative county is current order, raise Lin Zheng to run scientific level, protect security of silvan natural resources.

Executive Mu Zhu machines goods to change card only system, it is in view of the basis active forestry tax cost collects policy and system of collective Lin Quan to reform, the silvan natural resources that when cancelling Mu Zhu to machine goods to carry, collects compensates cost, manage for what convenient Mu Zhu processes a business reach application to deal with lumber to carry card, check the conversion that processes goods and raw material effectively, strengthen the service that processes a business to Mu Zhu, executive Mu Zhu machines goods to change card only system.

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