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Engraving tool of laser of Zhu Mu handicraft
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My factory major produces engine of laser equipment laser:
The wooden skin that uses plant of family property of Yu Zhumu handicraft, furniture extensively cuts skin of flower, wood to spell a flower, organic glass handicraft, control product of the advertisement that overcome force, paper products, the domain such as electronic course of study, model, toy, obtain the extensive self-identity of the market with its admirable cut effect and good character of service.
Overall performance is outstanding, computer control, the operation is simple, but everyday 24 hours of successive jobs; Treatment rate is rapid, laser is in charge of great life of quality good power to grow, and but a machine uses much laser head to configure, efficiency Gao Youjie saves field, cost saving.
The use that the ① after technical support and carry out is in charge of operating personnel and technology groom of ② responsible equipment pack, carry, install and debug ③ overall guarantee what one year ④ is in charge of software is free upgrade those who serve ⑤ to supply equipment is lifetime come to maintain a service
Have laser machine series: 1. Engraving tool of cut of laser of material of board of organic glass, bamboo 2. Large laser cuts bed series into parts 3. Video of 4.CCD of laser beam cutting machine of set of dress cloth, leather locates automatically series 5. Be in a poor light board laser lattice cuts draw engine
Greeting incoming telegram seeks advice, or straight fetch works looks machine, draw a design and be in harmony to buy

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