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Zhu Tiaoxi machine (Zhu Sicheng machine, drawbench)
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This equipment differs through installation type cutting tool, can machine of all kinds square, round, flat reach different section bamboo, Zhu Si, apply to bamboo the manufacturing characteristic such as club of autograph of banquet, round chopsticks, toothpick, eat, sweet silk, ice cream, curtain:
Armor plate folds curved airframe, equipment tigidity is good
Precision of treatment of dig of frame classics dragon is tall
Special wall body machines craft
3 archives gearshift accommodation is wide
Fold the cover after type quickly, the overhaul, maintain convenient
Pear bandy-legged, platoon bits is smooth
Special main shaft, rotate speed is high, life grows a technology requirement

Send makings rate:


Cutter shaft rotate speed:


Electric machinery general power:


Width of the biggest milling:


Round silk size range of pipe bent:

¢ 1.5-8mm

Mechanical dimension:

1050 × of 1150 × 1060

Company: An Jide strides AnJI DeMai Bamboo of limited company of bamboo wood machinery&Wood Machinery Co. , ltd
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