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Bamboo laser engraving tool
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Model JQ9060
1350*970*950 of over all dimension
Weight 200KG
Industry of suitable scope handicraft
Advocate electric machinery power 500
Athletic speed 60M (/ cent)

JQ series engraving tool of 6040 handicraft laser is a bulk that my factory is the design such as gift course of study, advertising only small, speed the engraving tool of high-quality goods laser with fast, tall precision. This product deploys Jin Jiang major to carve original software, 32 DSP control a system, usable computer designs graph, optional definition to carve administrative levels of ordinal, treatment at will, can realize local or total one-time output. Main part uses hardware part entirely entrance fittings, improved the function of the machine and service life greatly.
Machine advantage: This type has volume small, precision stability of tall, function, operation is simple, safeguard convenient wait for an advantage, applicable use with small-sized processing factory and door head.
Recommend treatment domain: The first selection of the domain such as card of beans of industry of bamboo slip, wood, paper, jade article, conch, demon, sign, bosom, Buddha bead.

Machine technology parameter
Product model JQ6040
Wind of laser type CO2 leaves type glass laser, water-cooling
W 60W of laser power 40W 50 is optional
Energy adjustment 0, interior of 100 % software is adjustable
Carve career 0, 1200mm/s
Cut speed 0, 500/s
600*400mm of effective width of cloth
0.01mm of ± of ≤ of fixed position precision
Overall power 750w
Gradient sculpture has
Most 1mm of 2mm of Xiaocheng character Chinese character, English
1050*750*900mm of machine exterior dimension
Working voltage AC220V 50HZ or AC110V 60HZ
Machine regard highly measures 180kg
Working environment temperature: Humidity of   of 0-45 ℃   : 5 % - 95 % (without coagulate water)
Body of the Wen Jian in software language, Chinese traditional, English
Software supports format PLT, DST, DXF, BMP, DWG, AI, LAS

Company: Plant of facility of numerical control of strong great exploit of gold of the city zone of Jinan city all previous
Contact: Mr Hou Xiujin (sale department manager)
Phone: 86 0531 86318331
Mobile telephone: 13153026379
Fax: 86 0531 86318332
Address: The city zone of all previous of city of Jinan of city of Chinese Shandong Jinan farming dry courtyard road
Postcode: 250014
Company website: Http://www.jqlaser.com

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