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Serial type bamboo calm wide, Xiu Ping, open a machine series (order stand, fly
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The bamboo that this machine can become certain width to using handiwork analyse, or analyse of place of analyse bamboo machine is certain the bamboo of width, undertake the rings outside going, rings, 2 side decide wide, spring inside to divide a treatment, thicker bamboo, expect via sending repeatedly, can obtain a certain number of waiting for thick bamboo piece, basically apply to bamboo autograph of chopsticks of curtain of banquet, bamboo, Zhu Xiangrui, bamboo, bamboo, bamboo strings together the flesh, bamboo the production such as glue board.

Width of the biggest treatment:


Send makings rate:


Cutter shaft rotate speed:


Electric machinery power:


Mechanical dimension:

680 × of 2060 × 1020



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