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How to believe Zhang Jie: The floor course of study below fractionize market nee
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On September 29, 2008, shenzhen greeted annual autumn estate Fair (abbreviation " autumn hand in meeting " ) , this autumn hand in meeting, the Shenzhen on history be consideringed as develops business ginseng to extend a capacity the biggest, ginseng exhibit number can to achieve those who achieve the history most, and the floor enterprise that regards house property as downstream industry, active ginseng is exhibited, make full use of to exhibit the brand that can reveal oneself and actual strength this. Shenzhen floor committee was held more successfully " Cultural Festival of floor of the world of the 2nd home " . Brand of floor of will whole Shenzhen more effectively is pushed to consumer. Does floor ginseng postpone a business after all this how the biggest change use autumn hand in meeting? Autumn hand in meeting what benefit point will bring to floor enterprise again? Taking a few issues, shenzhen search room lived in the reporter of the net to cover numerous floor industry.

[interview a honored guest] : Zhang Jie of selling manager of limited company of An Xinwei glossy lumber

[reportorial] : Search room lives in net Yan Jiangong

[interview time] : On September 29

[cover a site] : Shenzhen autumn makes meeting scene

[search room lives in a net] : Miss Zhang hello! Very glad to can be in autumn hand in meeting site to interview you. Feel this autumn hand in how to meet?

[Zhang Jie of the floor that bring a letter] : The person is more

[search room lives in a net] : What is installing letter floor to join the main purpose that exhibit this?

[Zhang Jie of the floor that bring a letter] : It is the promotion of the brand on one hand, still hope to be able to have a few sales on the other hand.

[search room lives in a net] : Autumn hand in meeting site to fall what to privilege have surely?

[Zhang Jie of the floor that bring a letter] : Some, price respect is compared at ordinary times cheaper, at the same time we rolled out environmental protection to install.

[search room lives in a net] : What is tasted newly this roll out?

[Zhang Jie of the floor that bring a letter] : One is series spelling a flower, it is OK also to use a floor board now the pattern that joining together gives him to want. Engrave goes to the design on the floor, not be to stick a graph. The installation that passes a floor board so can build a more styles. Still having is Indian series restoring ancient ways. Pure handiwork is made, fixed position compares high end. Belong to Europe type style.

[search room lives in a net] : Is this brand promotion basically to face consumer or development business?

[Zhang Jie of the floor that bring a letter] : This ginseng is exhibited still basically is to face consumer, to opening trade this, we have special engineering department butt joint.

[search room lives in a net] : Bringing a letter is the whole nation's more well-known floor trademark, face the advent of clothbound room policy, what preparation do you have?
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