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Bamboo floor lends justice black market popular and Euramerican small Xiaomao Zh
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In new Zhejiang net on October 13 electric   " would rather feed without the flesh, cannot Ju Mozhu. " this adage applies to current household trade likewise. The reporter installed product agency to be in understanding to arrive from home of justice black much home a few days ago, one of bamboo finished product bamboo floor, current sale market is hotter and hotter, be purchased the favour of business especially by abroad.

City of black of Yu Yi of v/arc be on the throne on the west in the adornment city on city district, a lot of businessmen in succession the foreign trade advantage of market of black of justice of have the aid of, will produce the bamboo floor from the Jiangxi, and other places that install auspicious to sell toward and other places of Euramerican, middle east. Current, foreign trade exports the main sale pattern that already became bamboo floor to go up in justice black market.

Justice black always makes rich Cheng of bamboo property owner introduces rather, 98% bamboo floor boards of company of the left and right sides export Euramerican nation. Compare with wooden floor photograph, the respect waits in the price, performance characteristics, bamboo floor has original place, for example quality of a material is done compactly, easily, eat by moth of not easy bug. Additional, euramerican country delicacy has the bamboo resource of domestic so much, and bamboo floor is chased after to hold in both hands by foreign consumer with the characteristic such as environmental protection, former zoology again, these are floors of the bamboo on justice black market the reason of popular and Euramerican country.

Constant dark floor sells store owner Ms. Gong to tell a reporter, the bamboo floor foreign trade here exports scale to occupy the 80% above of total sales volume. Compare slow and arisen home market, foreign trade is main sale channel. Besides Euramerican country, the travelling merchant of the country such as Romania, Bulgaria also comes justice black replenish onr's stock.

Cheng Ning introduces, all sorts of brand wood floor boards that sell in inn basically do sale in domestic market and small lot retail, foreign trade of Dan Zhu floor is different, a lot of order are a crate at a draught, nearly 1000 square metre. The travelling merchant of a few abroad of permanent justice black also can be bought some go back decorate a company.

"Consumer thinks bamboo floor gives birth to borer easily before, need not worry about this problem now. " partial agency introduces, bamboo floor passes processing of the carbonization that smoke juice, and major bamboo floor chooses Nan bamboo to machine and become. Wanting a material that choose bamboo only is not Chun Zhu, won't produce bug eat by moth commonly.

As we have learned, the biggest reason that bamboo floor wins out in foreign trade competition is price advantage. Teach gentleman introduces circumference floor dealer, press computation of 1 square metre, the price of bamboo floor is in 130 yuan of ~160 yuan between, price of common wood floor is in 240 yuan of ~320 yuan between, price difference is very apparent. Current, the lumber that place of manufacturing wood floor needs is imported from the country such as southeast Asia mostly, increase load material supply finite, price nature goes tall. And the growth of bamboo is periodic short, the bamboo that grows 5 years commonly can machine bamboo floor, home produces bamboo area to distributing to be compared again extensive, supply has very much assure. Additional, on use value, bamboo floor relatively wooden floor is richer tenacity, service life can be as long as 20 years. Bamboo floor contracts and expand rate is minorrer than real wood floor also, stability, wearability is pretty good also, make market of bamboo floor overseas highly competitive.
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