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Wooden floor market level is unripe change the floor that bring a letter is hope
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Shanghai on October 10, 2008 report / new colorful connect /- - enter as the global economy that China includes inside since recently adjust level, be the first to be affected of estate company prices is pounded, with the business of wooden floor industry closely related estate profit of general also experience drops, the management predicament of difficulty of capital have enough to meet need. To this, home's banner floor produces a business- - An Xinwei expresses solely, install a letter to had been done became good answer not beautiful the preparation of market level.

An Xinwei is smooth (Shanghai) Lu Wei of president of lumber limited company is smooth- - of industry of Chinese wood floor get military thing, express hopefully, "The floor that bring a letter has made the preparation of hibernate. " Lu Wei thinks solely, seasonal pattern of economy cannot avoid, look from all sorts of macroscopical economy data that publish recently, chinese economy is entered adjusting cycle is affirmatory and undoubted almost, at present real-estate industry has been entered more apparent adjust level, clinch a deal quantity considerably atrophic, trade the price also has apparent fall after a rise, to the floor negative effect also has shown the industry related such estate. Guard estimation, the cycle that this round of economy adjusts should be met two arrive 3 years time, had come in the winter, dan Handong is far did not come.

Ground of smooth have a well-thought-out plan says Lu Wei, in competition of market depression, industry intense circumstance falls, only outlet is from the production of the product cost reduces fluctuation time; From increase time of fluctuation of manufacturing management quality. In the meantime, the cash that keeps enough only flows, do the army provisions of feel well winter to prepare early, ability spends cold winter surely, be in new when round of economy grows periodic arrival, obtain better development chance.
Lu Wei light is particular introduced how to believe a floor board each answer measure:

It is the raw material reserve that keeps reasonable, raise capital turnover rate. Make a floor board, raw material reserve is crucial lifeline, the raw material of the floor that bring a letter lays in big be completely inside course of study is very famous. Below current condition, the premise that the floor that bring a letter must supply in the product that safeguard can last issues amount of control goods in stock, hold reserve of reasonable raw material. Because lumber price rises continuously, to master sufficient natural resources, previous An Xinmu is amounted to when lumber raw material and manufactured goods stock are top 500 million multivariate, already dropped at present reasonable level. Be aimed at characteristic of stock on hand next, the design develops special technology, coordinate sales promotion strategy, enlarge sales volume, raise capital turnover rate.

2 it is to strengthen receivable management, reduce bad Zhang risk. The floor that bring a letter will execute more careful big client to choose a principle, answer the huge risk that estate market adjusts especially, strict to project marketing accuse. The company will take step, increase the appeal that return a money, reduce bad Zhang risk. 30% what at present total of company receivable fund is less than company net assets, the plan is compressed further inside 3 months 50% .
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