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China Bamboo Bamboo Guangde value of 1.8 billion yuan a year
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In recent years, Guangde adhere to the bamboo industry as increasing peasant income, and promote the construction of new countryside an important starting point, relying on resources, strengthening policy guidance, bamboo industries continue to speed efficiency. In 2008, the county total of forestry Value of 2.48 billion yuan, of which 1.8 billion yuan output value of bamboo, an increase of 19%. Entitled "China Bamboo" reputation Guangde, about 100 million mu of bamboo forest area. Special fund the county's fiscal year, integrated agriculture-related project funding, agricultural development funds, high yield efficiency of the units and bamboo Personal practice Yijiangdaibu. Formulated registration and management of forest resources, asset-backed measures, coordination of financial sector enterprises engaged in forestry management and individuals at 60% of the value of mortgage mountain of loans. This year, the financial institutions Institutions for a total of forestry enterprises, forest resources to provide mortgage loans foresters 53.07 million yuan, the bamboo industry as a focus on encouraging investment in industries, has introduced more than 50 million yuan investment in the forestry investment projects 6, total foreign capital 5.2 billion yuan. Germany has set up a county wide Bamboo Industry Association, Park pad I Xiangjiaba wood processing cooperatives with more than 20 rural cooperative organizations. Currently, the county of bamboo grown to more than 600 processing enterprises, 1.31 billion production value in 2008 Element; has the right to export enterprises 13, 2008, exports $ 26,000,000. The county also implemented the "incubator of the five resources" and "bamboo modern technology demonstration park" building, has built the high point of the 10 pilot demonstration bamboo and 28 companies respectively with Nanjing Forestry University, Zhejiang Forestry College And forestry research institutes and other universities to establish cooperation platforms.
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