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International Network for Bamboo: Bamboo in the unique role of climate change
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Is being held in Mexico, "the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change" Conference of the Parties are currently in Cancun to future climate change negotiations on a global strategy. 10 in the last day of the conference concluding the summit, the International Bamboo and Rattan (INBAR), more than 20 international organizations were invited to the international agencies on behalf of all participants in the summit statement, statement of international organizations point of view and the climate negotiations agencies in response to climate change work. INBAR representatives at the meeting stressed that sustainable management and use of bamboo to help promote green economic growth, the dual challenges of climate change and poverty, the solution provides a win-win solution. Director-General of INBAR, Dr. Jane ancient climate change c onference today, the summit urged negotiators to be able to help the world's growing population, climate change and development issues in new ways and means to provide the necessary impetus. "Over the past two weeks, we hear the voice of the most clear is that we can not tackle climate change goals and to achieve development goals every crack," the first China-based international organizations, said the Director-General, Dr Jane Gu . "Climate change brings us multiple challenges, which requires us to be in the mitigation, adaptation and development to take simultaneous action. Make it very difficult to combine several objectives, we can not underestimate its difficulty, but we should try to while expanding the results of these three. We can not separate the three. This is why these three goals (abbreviated MAD) of and the challenges we now face is so important. " Dr. Jane Gu cited examples of elevated houses of bamboo, this housing to do with bamboo wall, floor and beam, carbon sequestration could play a role over an extended period to help the local community, "mitigation" of climate change brought about of the impact of high energy consumption to reduce the people's building materials such as cement and steel, the dependence; through the provision of flood and hurricane resistant to the security of home, this house also has helped local communities to "adapt" to climate change effects; Also, bamboo harvesting, processing, transportation and housing structures created for the local income and employment opportunities, provide sustainable economic development approach. "Climate change challenges are enormous and complex, but solutions do not have the same complex. Bamboo housing construction such as a simple solution can often bring no small change and a great contribution." The International Network for Bamboo International Bamboo and Rattan (INBAR) is an independent, non-profit inter-governmental international organization dedicated to poverty eradication through the use of bamboo and rattan, protecting the environment and create more equitable trade. Since its inception in 1997, INBAR's member countries growing, INBAR network coverage around the world. INBAR is headquartered in China, and in Ghana, Ethiopia, India and Ecuador. INBAR's global network comprises more than 50 countries from the world of government, non-governmental, private and community partners. For more information, please visit www.inbar.int.
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