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Ningguo Agricultural Bureau: serious planning for mechanized processing of bam
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Currently, the bamboo industry is one of the leading industries of agriculture Ningguo, the existing area of 67 mu, Chuk Yuen (of which 37 million mu of bamboo, bamboo 12 million acres), annual per capita income 300 yuan for farmers. However, the city behind the bamboo processing industry, mainly the sale of bamboo raw materials, deep processing of small, low value-added bamboo products. To respond positively to Ningguo Committee, Ningguo to the call to further enlarge and strengthen the city's bamboo industry, and promote rural incomes per capita income of the bamboo industry, the goal of 1,000 yuan, recently, Ningguo Agricultural Machinery Bureau of Investigation team to Zhejiang Anji, learn from the county agricultural department of the bamboo industry mechanization good experiences and good practices. Study group focus on understanding the county to support the development of bamboo processing mechanization policies and specific measures, and to bamboo processing machinery into the purchase of agricultural subsidies, etc. Products are also discussed exchanges. Anji Jitai Machinery Co., Ltd. through the production line on-site visit to learn more about the company's business model and the bamboo processing complete sets of machinery and equipment in enhancing the value-added bamboo products play a great potential and so on. Through investigation, the city's agricultural sector will further emancipate their minds, change ideas, actively seek preferential policies and project funding, increased mechanization of bamboo industry guidance, support efforts to effectively improve the level of deep processing of bamboo, with good services for farmers continued to increase .
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