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Yunnan is sweet bamboo slip uprights
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Yunnan is sweet bamboo alias is sweet Long Zhu, sweet bamboo, with Ma Zhu bamboo of male of undergraduate course of congeneric Yu He belongs to large and fascicular bamboo kind. General stalk is tall 12 - 18 meters, pectoral diameter 8 - 15 centimeters, stalk wall is large 3 centimeters, the tip carries long prolapse, blade is long 23 - 30 centimeters, wide 2.5-5 centimeter, can make bitter fleabane of bamboo hat, boat, food pack etc. Bamboo shoot period 6 - in October, bamboo shoot weight 1 - 3 kilograms, can amount to 9 kilograms most, substance of its bamboo shoot is brawny and white, gan Tian of bamboo shoot flavour is delicious, relaxed and goluptious, nutrition is rich, according to the analysis, its Xian Sun contains candy to measure 4.05% , 3.7 % of 2.78 % of protein, glutamic acid, it is a variety of 30 bamboo shoot of domestic with body of the bamboo shoot in bamboo the biggest, candy is divided and the bamboo with glutamic acid highest content is planted one of; No matter its bamboo shoot is bright feed, unripe fry, bake boil, oily stew, do boiling water, still machine clear water bamboo shoot, sauce bamboo shoot, flexible package bamboo shoot, its flavour all beautiful, its bamboo shoot comes up out of land after seeing light still Gan Tian is delicious, xian Sun is OK delicacy is fed, also can make food directly, do boiling water, and need not add gourmet powder, this is the advantage that Ma Zhu, green bamboo shoot cannot overcome. Its pole can use at building, Zhu Fa, papermaking with, but thin bamboo strip uses value not tall, it is amphibious bamboo plants the talent of high grade bamboo shoot with extremely high value of a kind of economy.
Yunnan is sweet Zhu Yuan produces Yunnan, Laos, Thailand, India, bamboo of the sex that belong to heat is planted, in in semi-tropical area also can grow normally without heavy frost, grow the requirement is in altitude 500 meters the following, year all lukewarm 16 ℃ above, extreme lowest is lukewarm - 4 ℃ , frost-free period 300 days of above, without heavy frost, year fall 900mm above.

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