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Hemp bamboo slip uprights
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Ma Zhu fastens male bamboo to belong to Ma Zhuya, alias is sweet bamboo, big head bamboo, country of origin visits flower heart town for Guangdong, for our country admirable bamboo shoot uses bamboo. Zhu Congsheng, lever is bulky and erect, tall 1-16 rice, diameter 8-25 centimeter, 30-50 grows between the section centimeter, blade is big; Month of 5-10 of bamboo shoot period, among them 7-9 month is fastigium, bamboo shoot individual plant is as high as 80-100 centimeter, individual plant weighs 5 kilograms or so. Pleasant of bamboo shoot flavour is sweet faint scent, delicious and goluptious, nutrition is rich, delicacy is fed or can machine dried bamboo shoots, the can that make. Bamboo stalk can make building materials or treatment bamboo product; Bamboo lever, Zhu Zhi can make papermaking raw material; Zhu Xie can do zhongzi of bamboo hat, bag to wait. Cultivate Ma Zhu to have investment little, get effective tall, adaptability plants fast, crop by force, easily the characteristic with canal, good benefit, it is the water and soil conservation, development that help deficient up, adjust aricultural industry structure, farmer to become rich a when go straight towards well-off good project. I press down altitude of 3 cards village 500 meters of above, earthy layer ply is in 80 centimeters of above, soil is loose, fecund, medium to acidity earthy, cultivate Ma Zhu aptly. 3 cards village cultivated Ma Zhu in all more than mus 1000, concentration is become piece, produce per year bamboo shoot 2000 tons or so.

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