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Knowledge of red sandalwood wood
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Red sandalwood is one of the rarest wood on the world, basically originate in the intertropical area of southern Asia archipelago, it is to reach foot next. Our country Guangdong, Guangxi also produces red sandalwood timber, but the amount is not much.

Red sandalwood is Chang Luya arbor, tall 56 a unit of length, the leaf is compound leaf, spend butterfly form, fructification has an ala, woodiness very firm, lubricious bare, sink namely into water.

Understanding of our country ancient time and use rosewood wood only then Yu Donghan evening, advance · Cui Bao " Gu Jin is noted " have account, say when " red sandalwood wood, piece help up south, color is violet, yi Weizhi rosewood. " arrived bright generation, this wood takes seriously for royal place, begin large-scale cut. Because amount of red sandalwood wood is exiguous, very fast daylighting of domestic wingceltis wood, send a government official to go to southern Asia purchase namely subsequently, after this becomes usual practice then, continue to Ming Dynasty all the time ruined. The timber of place purchase is not use to show, a lot of memory reserve. This kind of purchase, plunder character is contained on certain level, accordingly, place of southern Asia archipelago produces beautiful wood to be cut to danger almost, it is with red sandalwood wood especially among them most. The person that every can become implements, be bound to carry entirely and go. Check the world to produce the ground of red sandalwood, basically be southern Asia archipelago, accordingly, end at the beginning of Ming Moqing, what whole world place produces red sandalwood timber is absolutely major the assemble goes to China, cent store at Guangzhou and Beijing. Quiet acting place basically is bright generation place to collect with red sandalwood timber, although Qing Dynasty takes the place of to ever also crossed virgin material by southern Asia purchase, but mostly thick do not be filled with grasp, the section is bent not straight, because red sandalwood wood grows,this is slow, be not hundreds years to cannot become a useful person. Bright generation fells excessive, quiet style is not resurgent, origin is dried up, this also is a when red sandalwood wood cherishs for world place main reason.

The level that Euramerican personage values red sandalwood relatively our country blame very, the reason is they never had seen red sandalwood aniseed, think red sandalwood does not have big wood definitely, can do cabinet implements only. There is model of 5 inches long red sandalwood inner and outer coffins before Napoleon grave allegedly, all without exception of the person that look around is open-eyed and envy, feel rare. After until Hesperian comes to Beijing, see a variety of red sandalwood carpentry, the elite that just knows red sandalwood all gets together at Beijing. Then with all possible means bribe, carry remands country. Be restricted to be in red sandalwood implements of the west is basic go from Chinese carry. Because carry difficulty, become a useful person is not bought commonly when bribe, only the person have figure such as side of bribe cupboard door, box, after carry back, assemble wooden casing, think those who display with.
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