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Knowledge of chrysanthemum pear wood
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Chrysanthemum pear basically originates in the Hainan province of our country, the rare degree of its lumber is next to red sandalwood wood, because the wooden sex of chrysanthemum pear wood is very stable,be, no matter cold hot weather is changeless form, not craze, do not bend, have certain tenacity, suit all sorts of abnormity furniture, be like 3 bowleg, its flexibility is very big, ability of wood of alone chrysanthemum pear is made, other lumber is competent harder. The characteristic of chrysanthemum pear wood and other lumber compares close and easy and promiscuous, the mainest is easy as promiscuous as rosewood of beautiful pear grain. Wood of rosewood of grain of this kind of beautiful pear is main producing area is two wide with Hainan island, some books say for Hainan rosewood, also have call Vietnam wingceltis, because Vietnam and circumjacent country also grow,have this kind of tree.

Color of chrysanthemum pear wood is golden and lukewarm embellish, duramen color is shown more greatly rufous or puce, have repeatedly simple sense of horn. The proportion of chrysanthemum pear wood is smaller, the likelihood compares annatto (acerbity branch wood) even a few more light industrial, put into water to assume half heavy position, do not sink completely namely in water not total also surplus at surface. The grain of chrysanthemum pear wood is very clear, be like natural and smooth writing, very beautiful. The most special is, wood has furuncle of a lot of wood commonly in grain, these wooden furuncle also very level off not craze, present the grain such as a vulpine head, old person head and hair of old person head, beautiful but person, often say for people namely " funny face " . Bright generation and clear generation are inchoate making high-grade furniture is to use place of chrysanthemum pear wood to make mostly, as a result of before face excessive cuts and make chrysanthemum pear lumber quick before clear acting metaphase reduce until to be close to eradicating, use annatto to replace later so. From the bright Qing Dynasty that already published furniture data looks, chrysanthemum pear wood has old capable person, half meters wide, two meters long alone board crop case can see. Furniture of chrysanthemum pear wood makes producing area be a delegate with Suzhou, standard of charge for the making of sth. , energy industry is fine do, it is typical Su Shi furniture. Additional and southern two wide reach Hainan island and other places period of bright Qing Dynasty also manufactures furniture of chrysanthemum pear wood, say for wide make or extensive pattern furniture, its charge for the making of sth. slightly thick, not as good as Su Shi furniture is careful. Woodiness of rosewood of beautiful pear grain firm heavy, the proportion that compares annatto is even large, benthic sinks namely in putting water, pinhole is lesser, submit crab claw shape and form of ox hair grain, the surface of the wood after classics burnish is so delicate that the surface of the wood after classics burnish skin like children. Material compares chrysanthemum pear actor character, wooden colour and lustre is deeper than chrysanthemum pear wood, show orange color red to deep amber, also of furniture of some beautiful pear rosewood because time is ages ago,be behaved and break candle to show dust-colour. There also is funny face grain in Mu Wen, but the funny face veins in these funny face grain and grain of chrysanthemum pear wood is tiny have a difference, great majority shows the funny face grain of wood of rosewood of beautiful pear grain circle, some has an eye to have the mouth, but the grain that has old person head and hair of old person head singularly. Additional, wood of rosewood of beautiful pear grain curiums section has thick rose to spend pear flavour also is very distinctive. Have again, because spend wood of pear grain rosewood to grow in the mainland, water is not quite enough, duramen is empty more, alleged 10 Tan Jiu sky (heart) , because duramen is empty,also be me, spend wood of pear grain rosewood to have old capable person singularly very much so. The characteristic that additionally a very easy knowledge is fastened is Hua Liwen red sandalwood wood is oleaginous heavier, blow gently with finger have oily mark namely, although the woodiness of chrysanthemum pear wood is lukewarm embellish is shining, but without so heavy oleaginous feeling. When is above the distinction of wood of rosewood of beautiful pear grain and chrysanthemum pear. Additionally still one is plant is careless Hua Limu, producing area also is in southern, its woodiness careless, pinhole is big, wood of pear resembling iron (southern calls wood of Tie Li Chinese redbud or Dong Jingmu) grain is euqally coarse. Wooden color shallow Huangzhi is yellow, dry lacklustre, also funny face grain, material differs than chrysanthemum pear wood character very far, the furniture that comes up against this kind of lumber need not careful careful research distinguishs easily also.
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