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Anticorrosive wood knowledge and application
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Lumber is the natural data that the mankind uses the earliest, also be 4 old stuff of current world (rolled steel, cement, lumber and plastic) in exclusive but second birth, but the biology resource of natural degradation, its cubage weighs small, intensity tall, vibration isolation is fought brace up, sound heats up conductibility low, insulating property good, impulse withstand, wear is strong, the character that provides color of flexibility and tenacity, material and grain beauty, healthy environmental protection, easy treatment, those who make make housing materials of optimal room inside and outside and adornment material; In addition as a result of lumber but second birth sex, lumber also is a kind of environmental protection building materials. In global forest natural resources increasingly dried up circumstance falls, as renewable resources, to lumber reasonable use what should accord with a forest above all but durative development, in order to maintain natural ecological balance of the whole world, and the service life that prolongs lumber, managing forest natural resources also is contemporary lumber and pursuit of construction industry place all the time. The vacuum pressurization processing such as ACQ is Euramerican, the developed country such as Japan is used most extensively, most effective lumber is anticorrosive technology; Prevent all sorts of mould effectively through vacuum pressurization, termite, the of great capacity is crude get content to reach microbial to lumber erode.

The material of anticorrosive wood is planted
Hardwood is loose / camphor tree child loose (Russia Japanese red pine) , southern pine (the United States) , twist Xie Song (Canada) , Japanese red pine (Finnish Sweden) , radiation is loose (New Zealand) , dividing Russia is (70-100 year above) natural maturity forest beyond, the others lumber is versed in for the person more forest, and fast unripe forest. In bearing commonly in timberwork, bridge, timberwork building, seawater and subterranean pile are born as a result of artificial Linsu forest material is qualitative poor, reach variability to answer greatly avoid is used use less.

Factory of normal and anticorrosive carpentry produces technological process
Log cuts → of pressurization of vacuum of → of smooth figuration of dig of → of preserve one's health of → of drying of → of → sawn timber two drying (airing)
     of                                          ↓
→ of the vacuum before   protects → of the vacuum after pressing → to suck → of fluid → pressurization to restore atmosphere → press → to restore atmosphere → to give coal tub
Normal manufacturing cycle is controlled for 30 days commonly.

Appraisal of anticorrosive wood character
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