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Silicon changes wooden knowledge
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One, silicon changes wood cannot reborn nature bequest

One of plant remains fossil silicon changes wood and fossil of all sorts of plants, invertebrate, vertebrate and vestigial fossil, belong to cannot reborn nature bequest, must everybody care, severe increase protection.

Say strictly, silicon changes wood and biology fossil to ought to belong to those doing not have to pass factitious shift, maintain the ground plastid of feature of geology of country of origin, it and the geological phenomenon all around make organic combination, all sorts of geological information that it recorded each district qualitative period, use the integration analysis of these information, obtain those who be beneficial to human progress all sorts of extraction with beg, apply what these information promote the mankind to live, discovery and development.

"Ancient biology fossil points to is human prehistoric geology the biology remains that historical period is formed and the ode puts in layer and activity are vestigial, include the fossil such as plant, invertebrate, vertebrate to reach its vestigial fossil. It is the card of ancient bronze mirror of earthly history, it is origin of graduate student content and evolution the scientific basis that wait. Ancient biology fossil is different from cultural relic, it is important geology vestigial, it is our country is precious cannot reborn nature bequest. " (pick from geology of ministry of land natural resources the environment manages " source of China's main ancient biology fossil and its protection " Li Ming road)

2, silicon changes Proterozoic this research value

The body of petrifaction part remain that silicon changes wood is lofty arbor commonly, change from silicon we can obtain a large number of place, ancient weather data that reachs a paragraph of age at that time in wood, be like accident of sun illumination, illumination, rainwater how many, plentiful degree, climate changed 100000, plant community is combined, the change between district concerns, change of longitude and latitude concerns, rule of changes of ground history change.

Truncal to growing in temperate zone silicon to change wood the annual ring that go up, the annual ring that can count an one of circles clearly to encircle, every circuit is a year of cambium, truncal to growing in tropics the annual ring that go up, because climate is seasonal change is little, cambium joins unripe cell to do not have what difference, the annual ring that silicon turns Mushangyi to encircle a circle is not quite clear also.

Silicon changes wooden bine to do the annual ring that go up, in the bine dry bast inside has circuit cell to grow particularly active, dissension is splitting also, make form new lumber and bast organization to call cambium, cambium grow in quantity is truncal become brawny, the change of seasonal change reaction in cambium. Uphold rule of kind of regional cambium change accordingly, it is the necessary data that studies ancient climate.
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