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The main sort of wooden skin and treatment process
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   Wooden skin basically can divide it is two kinds:

    is natural wood skin a kind, be cut through coming back namely or the wooden skin that dig cuts lumber to get.

    still has a kind to call wood of science and technology, it is normally will fast after raw material classics blanchs coloring, the dig after semifinished product of again new group cuts gotten Bao Mu.

After     a kind can imitate is precious the decorative pattern of lumber and those who withheld lumber is natural simple sense. Its action is to use as facing, wooden skin surface contains his all sorts of specific natural mechanism effects, so how joining together also has certain effect, all sorts of wood skins also have respective character, for example: Of Mu Pihou do not suit to spell a flower, the wooden skin that takes acidity does PU Qihui to be waited a moment frothily, the effect select material that anyhow wants to consider it not simply when the design considers the character of itself even.

The mode that the neither one in the process that     is versed in in Mupijia secures, place says wooden skin has character above no less than, some wood skin also wants specific glue, anyhow is some kind of glue sticking is, the method that stick has cold pressure, hot pressing, but may not uses a machine, a lot of handcrafted business or in the product the metropolis below irregular formative circumstance uses manual operation, nevertheless also the vacuum of hi-tech is stuck now, when the skin that press wood not only should notice to press a problem to note quality problem even, regular meeting has wooden skin to show frothily.

    although wooden grain paper is much now, also have protect beautiful board and 3 get together cyanogen amine board etc need not the material of wooden skin facing is qualitative, but a kind of wooden skin is reaction woodiness furniture very good means, because lumber is less and less, reaction does not go out the grain with natural lumber Dan Muwen paper and wooden grain PVC, but if everybody does not know the craft of wooden skin facing, be about from set out actually, went understanding more!

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