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Lacquer of changeless yellow dumb smooth white carpentry leads an outfit new sty
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    white gives a person holy, lively, pure sense, the abstract expression power that it has and secret touch surmounted any colour. Use dumb smooth white Qi Tu gate, window, furniture, protect column, with clever collocation of essence of other facial expression, already became Euramerican developed country contemporary those who decorate a style is classical. Now, domestic high grade is decorated often also imitate this kind to decorate a style. After be being decorated however, many white door windows or furniture are sent very quickly however yellow become old, elegant demeanour no longer. For this, the reporter covered the general manager of Li Hong gold of limited company of Nanjing Tian Xiang paint, solve this one problem for consumer. When furniture touchs contamination, many manufacturer proposal consumer use toothpaste or scour is wiped clean, but become yellow to what arise because of paint film ageing phenomenon, this kind of method does not have the effect at all.

    as we have learned, these hair are yellow as a result of,the furniture that becomes old is cover with paint place of common lacquer of white PU carpentry brings about. The colophony in common polyester lacquer produces ageing phenomenon below sunshine action, generation sends color radical group, bring about paint film to become yellow, pulverization. What common white Qi Zhong uses is cheap pink of acute titanium titanium white or lithopone, the ageing of paint film is aroused in the meeting below ultraviolet action.

What     should notice particularly is, when paint middle reaches is taller from TDI content, meet those who quicken paint film become yellow not only with pulverization, return the nerve that can affect human body and immune system, cause the disease such as tracheitis, emphysema.

    is planted to avoid this the happening of the circumstance, consumer is decorating initial stage to should choose the lacquer of changeless yellow carpentry of high quality.

Gold of     Li Hong thinks, the carpentry lacquer of high quality should use an entrance in composition Gao Naihou sex, changeless yellow colophony and the solidify agent that do not contain TDI, and pink of titanium white of the entrance coating that has Gao Naihou property rutile, these paint composition overcame the disadvantage that common white Qi Yi becomes yellow completely. And Tian Xiang " always special beautiful " changeless yellow dumb Guang Baimu implement lacquer used technology of this kind of own innovation just about.

    as we have learned, after the furniture of white lacquer cover with paint that uses common variety, can not happen become yellow apparently to half an year phenomenon, and Tian Xiang " always special beautiful " changeless yellow dumb Guang Baimu implement the burnish of lacquer Hua Shuang of downy, feel, exceed strong wear-resisting to fought cut function to assure paint film to maintain in good condition nondestructive below outside force action, be not destroyed easily. The person that many decorating is mirrorred, with Tian Xiang " always special beautiful " changeless yellow dumb Guang Baimu implement the furniture of lacquer cover with paint, the color after 56 years did not change almost, still if whiteness is new. At the same time Tian Xiang " always special beautiful " changeless yellow dumb Guang Baimu implement of lacquer be able to bear or endure yellow denaturation can can rival with car lacquer photograph, covering power exceeds strong, paint film is plump and solid, simple sense is exquisite and flowing, do not fear water, do not be afraid of very hot, the furniture that lets you becomes yellow no longer.
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