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Solid Mu Fu adds up to the door to be in make a profit in troubled situation
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Material is not tagged to pledge on    product, pure real wood said to calculate by the person that sell, the disorder of field of real timber retail sales sees one spot. Actually, the country had had specific provision to this, operator is not carried out according to this mostly nowadays, and still can manage normally go down, because the regulation stays on paper merely,basically be, concerned branch did not clear into quotations field lawfully rectify. Believe to want to execute the law strictly only, any borrowing dozen " edge ball " the behavior of illegal profit meets obtain convergent.

     is solid Mu Fu closes the door originally, the businessman is making the notional sale of door of pure real wood however, be worth the fastigium that decorate, come day after day, the reporter visits door of provincial capital real wood to sell market discovery, because consumer lack differentiates knowledge, the solid Mu Fu that some businessmen take the chance to will pledge valence nots agree with adds up to the door to regard as door of pure real wood is promoted, these two kinds have hundreds of to go up even the wooden door of difference of 1000 yuan of prices, often invite customer water of a mist.

    yesterday morning, in ancestral temple of Taiyuan city advance Lu Mou decorates inn of door of the one wood inside the city, the door of black walnut real wood that the salesperson recommends a price to be 2680 yuan to the reporter, "Other store sells 3000 yuan, we are direct from manufacturer replenish onr's stock, place so that appropriate. " when the pure real wood that asks when the reporter whether its are 100 % , the other side is ambiguous and respondent, "About the same. " inside inn of door of wood of famous brand of another around country, the door of pure real wood of similar pattern, price 3280 yuan.

    classics investigates discovery of inn of door of many 20 wood, the good point of wooden door just emphasizes when 17 are introducing a product among them, but saying is real wood compound door or the door of pure real wood of 100% . Only 3 undertook tagging explicitly. To this, the worker Xiaohuang of company of Taiyuan city some adornment says: "Real wood door differentiates need major knowledge, average consumer naked eye cannot differentiate at all. " introduce according to its, price of real door of pure real wood goes to 5000 yuan in 3000 yuan commonly between, and solid Mu Fu closes the door is to use real wood to do frame only mostly, particieboard or low density basically are used inside casing board wait for man-made plank to write place, the position that the consumer such as some doorcase that just close the door in solid Mu Fu, keyhole can see with naked eye sticks a solid board, such product cost is lower, quality is inferior, sound insulation function is poor, the price is in 1000 yuan commonly - 2000 yuan between.

     because consumer mostly not know all about the goods, in the sale, the concept that the businessman often closes real wood door and solid Mu Fu the door is promiscuous, with the real wood of low price compound door pretends to be real wood door to sell, also individual businessman sells with the price of real wood door solid Mu Fu closes the door even.
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